direct experience is all that there is

It’s direct experience that is the key point, every moment is fresh and brand new, as if it’s the first moment that ever existed… we only form a causal chain of happenings and time via imputation of memory which is also always ever fresh and brand new. Also, experience never suggests that impressions exist inside a persons mind, this is also imputed. In your direct experience the ‘sound’ of a thought and the ‘sound’ of someone speaking are the same and occupy the same space, neither are internal or external.

Mind is also never experienced, the seeming appearance of a consecutive number of thoughts in a sequence of time makes it seem as if there is an entity called the mind, there is no mind, only thoughts, and thoughts lack a thinker. Physicality is also never experienced, we only accept a story of the physical and impute this onto experience, for instance when you touch something, you believe a story that ‘you’ are ‘touching’ a ‘thing’… the actual experience is only one sensation.. just a single tactile sensation.

You can play a game with this by touching something and rubbing it lightly, if you shift attention to the object then the sensation becomes the touching and feeling of the object, if you shift attention to your finger the sensation becomes the feeling in your finger, there is only one touch sensation, the shifting of attention and intention creates the nature of the sensation via imputation. Or another one; if you rub your thumb and pointer finger together, shifting attention to the thumb it’s your thumb doing the touching, shift your attention to your pointer finger and it’s your pointer finger doing the touching, in truth neither are touching, a tactile sensation simply appears in awareness, and the sensation is in fact awareness itself.

from …an exceptional collection of comparative writings on consciousness and awakening