99.9% of all fear is “nebulous fear” - it has no grounds in reality.

You are born with only two fears - a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises.  The rest are learned.

This is important knowledge, as all learned things can be unlearned, and it’s easier than you think.  It just takes a little awareness and investigation.  A good place to start is to look at any unexamined worry present in each moment, from moment to moment.  When you find it, let it go.

Here’s the late Burning Dan talking about fear.  

"Most of the time, when people are stopped by fear, it’s a fear of something that they can’t actually describe, or that when they do describe it, it doesn’t make logical sense to them.  I call it Nebulous Fear and it’s 99.9% of all fear."

 How are you asked to be afraid?  How is your happiness now affected by worry, unease?  How does worry manifest in your experience?  Is your fear really grounded in reality, probability?  The chances are it’s not.

Freedom is our very nature, but it requires a conscious stepping into.  Our conditioning and self-limiting are learned, but don’t need to be unlearned by any complex process.  We just become aware and step out of it.  But to do this we must be alert, on guard, and do it time and time again.  The continuous stepping out is the unlearning.

Don’t fear, it’s not necessary.  Examine what you believe, test all philosophies for their potential to empower or disempower you.

The only thing limiting you is you.